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What to Look Out For When Choosing a Double Glazing Supplier in Chesterfield

Getting your windows / Double Glazing replaced is one of the biggest investments you will make in your home so you need to watch out for the pitfalls and get yourself educated before you commit to a Chesterfield or national Double Glazing supplier.

There are many small and big window companies, just wanting you to part with your cash and commit to them but armed with the right knowledge and what to look out for, you can save yourself misery and heartache.

Sanderson Windows are a Chesterfield based Double Glazing installer and we decided to put together a report for you out there to help you in your choices.

Essentially there are 4 main areas you need to look out for and these are:

  • Quality of The Windows
  • Standards of Service
  • Poor Fitting
  • Lack of Compliance with the Building Regs etc

Below is listed, what we feel the 10 major things to look out for - be armed!!

1) QUALIFIED AND INSURED - Your selected Double Glazing / Window installer should be a FENSA Registered Company - this means that they offer Insurance Backed Guarantees. FENSA is the Double Glazing and Window industry standard for all window and door installers. They offer self-certifying compliance with all the building regulations and FENSA is the brand trusted by all local authorities, industry and government. CHECK WHY YOUR INSTALLER NEEDS TO BE FENSA REGISTERED HERE

2) Do not go and get just one quote from one of the big national players in the industry (you know, the big names we all asscociate with window and door installations).
These Double Glazing companies can charge 3 to 4 times MORE with NO EXTRA BENEFITS than a smaller local Double Glazing can offer - in fact, more often than not, they offer less in terms of quality and service.

What you are doing is essentially

3) BIG national Double Glazing Companies quite often do not even employ PROFESSIONAL TRADESMEN to install your windows. Also, quite often,, if you live in a smaller property in a not so desirable area, they will not even quote you (they will walk away) - they are looking for home owners who they KNOW will spend the big buck they need to cover their overheads and sales guys on the road.

In contrast, most smaller local Double Glazing companies in and around Chesterfield will be qualified, accountable and will be fitting your windows themselves. You will find that smaller, more local Double Glazing / Window installers always have professional tradesmen as the owner may be the main installer and be fully qualified.

4) You always need to check ‘
How many years of experience has the Window installer /Double Glazing installer has got’ - some will have qualifications with national companies such as The Institute Of Carpenters and this proves they are qualified and professional tradesmen. Do you really want to take the risks with a Window installer who only has a few months or a year or so of experience?

5) These days, the general accepted standard for quality windows for thermal efficiency is to fit C rated windows or above - C rated windows are generally cheaper than what we call A rated windows and are perfectly acceptable. However, if you want to opt for more thermal efficient windows, you can opt for A rated windows, usually at an extra cost but can save you in the heating bills longer term. You can find more info on A rated and C rated
Double glazing here at Double Glazing Chesterfield

6) Make sure when you sign up to a Contract that you know what the start date is, the deposit upfront required is and the final balance due date. You do not want any nasty surprises when it comes to payments due - you should really ask for the
Double Glazing companies Terms and Conditions.

7) Always check if there any ‘hidden extras’ in the quote that are not obvious to your eye. Some Window companies do not tell you that the disposal of your old windows is
NOT included in the original quotation and they can slap on a hefty added extra charge.

8) The fixtures and the fittings (ie. the locks, the handles etc) are all too important in the installation of your Double Glazed windows. You canhave brass, chrome and other options and they come with varying quality. Make sure that many
Double Glazing companies use low quality fixtures and fittings, with no Guarantees against failure so be warned and check.

9) Think carefully through your fire escape options within your window / double glazing installation. Make sure that your Double Glazing supplier informs you of all your options for installing fire escape windows and their benefits. You can have windows with much wider openings, therefore allowing a much easier form of escape from your property in case of a fire. This is
MUST in upstairs windows and make sure you are given the choice as all too often, you will not be informed of such options.

10) Very importantly, look at the Window / Double Glazing suppliers testimonials - the more the better. If you are in
Chesterfield, Derbyshire and the surrounding areas, you can check if they are a Trusted Trader and you will see if they have testimonials on the Trusted Trader site.
Quite often, the best thing to do is to go and visit some installations to see the quality of their work for yourself and speak to these previous customers - there is no better way of checking on how well they will do your
Double Glazing installation for you.

And an 11th!!!

10) Make sure that the WIndow Supplier offers enough choice and styles for you and they are willing to spend time with you choosing the right frames and glass for your Double Glazing. Ensure you are employing a professional window company that will go through all the options of styles and colours you have. Many people think that you have to have just white and this is simply not true.


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