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Double Glazing in Chesterfield – Which Frames suit your home best?

Choosing frames is a very personal choice and we install double glazing in uPVC soft wood and hard wood frames in Chesterfield. They all come with their good and bad points, like with anything in life.

This article is designed to educate you about your options so that you can make an informed decision because after all, this will be on be the biggest investments in your home.

OK, if you live in a conservation area you maybe limited to the type of frames you can have, in fact, you may well have no choice but to replace what is currently in your property already or get your frames refurbished.

This often arises with hard wood frames in Grade 2 listed buildings and conservation areas and there are plenty of areas such as this, just on the verge of Chesterfield, within the Peak District National Park. We will not dwell on this subject too much as this is a big subject in its own right.

The most common type of frame by far when it comes to Double Glazing is uPVC – these are long lasting and only really require cleaning – i.e. there is very little maintenance needed. We have seen an increasing number of our customers opt for wooden windows these days as they like to maintain the traditional look of their houses.

BUT, wooden windows (both hard wood and soft wood) are not only way more expensive (as they are hand made), but require much more maintenance. The maintenance required is painting or varnishing them every few years to keep up their protective properties.

You will find that over time, your Double Glazing uPVC frames will discolour and degrade. You can often find specialised paints to re-paint the frames of your windows. Most suppliers nowadays guarantee against discolouring but not against minor dulling and fading.

When considering Double Glazing replacement, you can also opt for aluminium or steel frames; these are thin frames and long lasting but in and around Chesterfield, we rarely get asked for such an option.

The last option is Composite frames and these have an inner timber frame which is covered with aluminium or plastic. There is little maintenance required and the are kept weatherproof by the outer aluminium or plastic cover. Again, when quoting for double glazing in and around Chesterfield, we rarely get asked for this option.

So if you are in any part of the country or for us, specifically in Chesterfield UK, buy local.


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