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The Pros and Cons of Going Local For Your Double Glazing in Chesterfield

If you are a home owner living in Chesterfield, you will be almost overwhelmed when it comes to the choice of Companies you have when it comes to replacing your
Windows and Double Glazing.
For starters, you can choose between local and national Companies and you may feel that the more National Companies carry more credibility but this is not always the case. When we refer to National Companies, we are talking about the big brand names that have been around for years.
Because they are well know they rely on their long standing presence to clinch your Window /
Double Glazing Business. But be aware, there is more often than not a hefty price to pay. We were told by one of our clients, that lives in a not so desirable area, that a major Double Glazing firm turned up and when they saw where they lived, they literally drove off. They often pick and choose their jobs; they know who can afford them and who cannot.
Do not always think you are buying the best however. Their Windows are no better than a local Company and their installation expertise is usually worse. They train their guys up in no time, have a high turnover of installation staff but where they do win out is their well known status and longevity.
Having said that, I do not want to tar them all with the same brush. Some may be happy to quote all levels of society for their replacement Double Glazing.

Now let´s look at Local Double glazing companies and I will choose Chesterfield as a location, purely because we are located here. There are many of them about and they are popping up all the time, as tradesman enter the trade alter being made unemployed. Be wary, you get your good and your bad and you have to do your research thoroughly. If you go this local road, there is no doubt that you will save yourself a lot of money, you are not paying for expensive sales guys on the road, plush central head offices etc. that come with national companies.

At the same time, going local means being cautious. If you choose some cheap cowboy that has beaten everyone on price, be aware that they be gone tomorrow and you have no comeback if things go wrong and you need a call back.

Here is a summary of what you need to look out for if you want to stay local for your Double Glazing / Window installation:
  • Ensure they are FENSA registered – adhere to the Building Regs and offer Insurance Back Guarantee
  • Ensure they are insured
  • Who is installing your Windows and how much experience have they got
  • How long has the Company been Trading in Double Glazing in Chesterfield?
  • Can you go and see some of their installations and talk to their previous clients?
  • Have they got a professional website?
  • Are they happy to give you a free quotation and spend time with you getting things right for you
  • Look at their Terms and Conditions and see if a deposit is required for your Double Glazing installation.
  • Are they offering at least C Rated Windows (minimum standard).

I hope this helps somewhat in choosing a Double Glazing / Window installer – all the best.


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