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Double Glazing in Chesterfield - What Does It Mean To Be Fensa Registered

Whichever window company you use for your window installation, you will need to ensure that they are FENSA registered. So what is FENSA and why is it so important I hear you ask? FENSA stands for the Fenestration Self-Assessment scheme and was initiated by the Glass and Glazing Federation and in response to the Building Regulations.

These Building Regulations all revolve around The Government's Approved Document L (Fuel Conservation). It extends the Building Regulations to cover replacement window and door installations and this took effect from April 2002 and it essentially ensures that all installers of windows comply with improved energy efficiency requirements.

Glass products play a big part in this drive to improve energy efficiency in the drive to reduce heat loss through the windows. They are now measured by their “U” values and windows are expected to have lower heat loss.

So how does all this affect Window Companies and Installers?
Essentially, window manufacturers and installers have more stringent specifications for the glass and associated frames and spacer bars used. Thereafter, all window installers will be routinely inspected by the FENSA organisation to ensure they are adhering to Local Authority Building Control.

With millions of windows being replaced in the UK every year, the inspection of every single installation would cause a major hold up in installations if all channelled through the Building Control route. By using FENSA and regular and systematic checks on window installers, the whole system is way more streamlined and efficient.

Is it just Replacement Windows that need to be certified?
We often get asked the question “is it just complete window installations that need to be certified or does FENSA inspections and cerification relate to window repairs as well (eg. when a homeowner simply has the window pane replaced because it has misted up?”
The simple answer is that it is just when your windows (glass panes, frames and everything) is completely replaced.
Compliance with Approved Documents Parts L1 and N (safety in relation to impact) is the necessary ingredients. In addition, the building should not end up with a worse level of compliance in other applicable parts of the Building Regulations such as:

Part A (Structure)
Part B (means of escape in case of fire)
Part F (ventilation),
Part J (combustion appliances and fuel storage systems)
Part M (access for the disabled).

Also, it is a stipulation that the replacement windows should have at least the same features and standards as the existing windows. For example if the outgoing windows contained trickle vents the new placement windows must include them.
Also, the new windows should have openings the same size or if not larger than the existing windows

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