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When To Replace Your Double Glazed Windows Chesterfield

Why do most people get their Double glazing replaced in their homes. It is not just the fact that the frames are getting old and tired looking; many people simply want more heat efficiency on their homes and want to reduce their bills. So then this begs the question “what is the most thermally efficient glass I can gte for my home”. Well, here is some advice on what to look for so you can get yourself educated and make the right choices for your home.

What type of Glass in my Double Glazing shall I Opt For? This has an invisible coating of metal oxide, on the internal pane right next to the air space in the middle. It lets all the sunlight and heat in but restricts the amount of heat that can escape back out again.

What Is In The Middle Air Gap in My Double Glazing?
More often than not, there is simply an empty air gap but even though this is the cheapest form of Double Glazing and has to meet certain standards in terms of heat efficiency, there are more expensive and more thermally efficient Double Glazing options on the market. These include gases such as argon, xenon or krypton in the Double Glazing gap. So, ask the questions and get quotes on all options for your window replacement.

What Are Spacers in Double Glazing and What Should I Opt For?
Different Double Glazing suppliers and installers have different spacer options but what is a spacer in the first place I here you ask. They are essentially what keeps the Glass panes apart and you will see them running alongside the perimeter of the Double Glazed pane on the inside of the window. The most common ones are silver spacers but increasingly, what we call "warm edge" spacers are becoming more and more common. These have little metal and can in some cases, be black hard rubber. It is said that these retain the heat better than the silver spacer option.

What you need to look out for is the BFRC window energy rating scheme and this takes the whole window into consideration when calculating its energy efficiency and this includes the type of glass, what the air gap inbetween the panes is filled with as well as the spacer bar.

The ratings run from A-G ratings and A is the most thermally efficient Double Glazing you can go for. C rated windows are more common and tend to be cheaper for the homeowner. You do get some window companies that offer A rated windows for the price of C Rated so it always good to ask the question. Always check your windows to see if they have the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo – if it has you can rest assured that you have C rated windows or above.

Which Double Glazing Window Is Best For Me?

Again you have more choices and the most common of these include:

• uPVC / plastic frames
• Wooden frames – hard wood or soft wood.
• Aluminium or steel frames
• Composite frames have an inner timber frame covered with aluminium or plastic.

uPVC tend to be the cheapest and hard wood windows tend to be the most expensive. It is very much a matter of your budget and your preference. For example, if you live in the middle of a town with all other houses around you having white uPVC windows, you will probably opt for this option as well. If you live in a conservation area in the middle of the Derbyshire countryside, you will probably be forced down the road of wooden windows due to restrictions in your area.

Do I need Ventilation in My Double Glazing?

What comes with Double Glazing is a reduction of heat escaping from your property and this results in more condensation in your home as the ventilation has been reduced. This is why trickle vents are installed into the frame and this allows a small amount of ventilation to stop the build up of condensation in your home.


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