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SASH WINDOWS in Chesterfield and Derbyshire


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Our Experience Of Sash Box Windows

Sanderson Windows have a passion and a great knowledge of installing sash box windows and can provide the specialist service of installing new sash box windows or repairing your original and beautiful windows.

Having undertaken large installations, we have the intricate knowledge required to undertake such projects; only qualified craftsmen can attempt such work. One such installation, completed by Steven Sanderson, was for Chesterfield Borough Council, where the whole council building required a complete overhaul to their sash box windows (image to the left).

Two Designs Of Sash Box Windows

We essentially provide 2 options for your Sash Box windows:

Pasted Graphic 1 The More Traditional Sliding Sash with Weights and pulleys

All homes were traditionally fitted with sliding sash box windows employing the weight and pulley system and we have vast experience in installing and repairing these type of sash box windows.

Pasted Graphic 1 The More Modern Sliding Sash with Sliders

A more recent development is the Sliding sash box window with sliders. This essentially allows for a much slimmer profile of window and do not rely on weights and pulleys but a more modern sliding arrangement, more in line with modern design.

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Exquisite and Traditional

Our sash box windows are exquisite and traditional but still retain the features of modern security.

The refurbishment process includes replacing pulleys, providing better draught proofing, upgrading security of your sash windows as well as replacing the glazing to a more thermally efficient and noise reducing option. It is a cost effective solution if your windows are in good condition but draughty, rattle in the wind or are difficult to open or do not feel secure.

If the sashes are deep enough, you have the option of fitting in double glazed units and with improved pulleys and counter weights, will ensure your property is far more energy efficient and warmer!


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