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SECONDARY GLAZING in Chesterfield and Derbyshire


Sanderson Windows specialises in the supply and installation of secondary glazing units. These units provide acoustic insulation against all road traffic and aircraft noise as well as thermal insulation (up to 60% improvement) in your property. This can save you energy and reduce your bills. Additionally, the laminated units provides protection from any harmful UV light entering your home.

The units are suitable for churches, hotels, pubs and restaurants, libraries and museums, offices as well as residential properties and are suitable in new and existing properties. The beauty of secondary glazing is that they are easy to fit with minimal disruption to your home.

How Secondary Glazing Works

The cavity between an existing window and the secondary unit is the key to retaining heat and blocking out noise from your home. The greater the cavity between these two panes of glass, the better the dampening effect. There is a wide selection of glass types to choose from but it is essential that the existing window is a different density to the newly fitted secondary glazed window - this is necessary to avoid resonance.

A well known phenomenom is the use of u-values. This is a measure of the heat flow across a material; the lower the value, the better the insulator. We can provide u values for our range of secondary glazed units and we can illustrate that single glazed units are poor insulators and illustrate the benefits of secondary glazing.


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