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The Benefits Of Choosing Sapele Wood


Sapele Wood For Doors

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Europes Most Desired Woods

Sapele is the most common premium hardwood used in external window and door products. The timber is sourced from West Africa and the Cameroon and is classified as durable with a Class 3 to 4 durability rating. An amazing feature of sapele is that the grain is interlocked and changes direction in frequent, irregular intervals.

Sapele is also one of Europe's most desired woods in manufacturing doors, windows and hardwood flooring. It has a wide variety of applications and is not only used extensively in doors and conservatories, it is also very popular as a decorative surface veneer for high-grade furniture such as book cases and cabinets. It is a great alternative to genuine Mahogany.

It is said to be 16% harder than Red Oak (1210 Janka) and is more durable true mahoganies.


Beautiful and Stable

With a medium reddish brown appearance and a marked striped figure, it has several benefits:

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  • With Sapele, there is no requirement for preservation treatment as the species' lack of permeability makes it resistant to treatment.

  • The density/hardness is 640 kg/m2 (By contrast European Redwood is 510 kg/m2 and European Oak is 720 kg/m2.).

  • Over 50% of our Sapele Purchases are "Verified Progress".

For more information on the availability of Sapele hardwood across our range of timber windows, doors and conservatories, please consult us and we will be happy to assist.


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