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Timber Stormproof Windows





What is a Storm Proof Window?

Our storm proof windows are designed with the opening windows (casements) sitting proud of the main frame and they come with additional weatherproof sealing gaskets which provide superb resistance to all types of weather.

Our traditional Flush Casement window design is where the opening part of the window (the casement) sits flush within the frame itself and does not protrude out above the the main frame. This is totally opposite to our Stormproof windows, where the casement or opening part of the window does sit proud of the frame.


Robust Design For Extreme Conditions

Our elite Stormproof windows are designed with a selection of sustainably sourced timers and are a truly versatile product that can easily be adapted into many different situations. They are sturdy and extremely strong, capable of dealing with all weather situations long term. With the addition of an alumimium bottom bead and angled beads and a pencil round to the top and the sides, these windows are extremely suitable for extreme exposures such as in coastal areas or mountainous areas.

A Range Of Woods To Choose From

Our timber stormproof windows can be manufactured in Hardwood Sapele, Hardwood European Redwood or Accoya softwood (a premium hardy version of pine).

We can truly tailor these windows exactly to your Specification and we also have the option of 68 mm or 92 mm frame section depth.

If you already have wooden windows in your property and are looking for an exact match for any replacements, these are a perfect answer. These windows suit the homeowner who aspire for unique details creating individuality.

Externally Beaded

Our stormproof windows are externally beaded as standard. By increasing the section sizes, these products have reached the BS7950 high security standards when manufactured in European Redwood and featuring anti-jemmy hinge devices.

Our stormproof windows have also met the requirements of the BFRC (UK’s national system for rating Energy Efficient Windows
) rating scheme to achieve “A” rating manufactured in the supreme timber, Accoya.

These windows have also achieved Energy Savings recommended status from the Energy Saving Trust.

Unique Design

We can guarantee that these are the only windows in the country that have gone that extra mile to ensure that no moisture is going to become trapped in any area. This is achieved by a sloped and concealed drainage area which provides ventilation and an escape route in the rebates .

Window Locking Mechanism

The contemporary locking mechanism utilises mushroom bolts and shootbolts and has achieved withstanding more than 7.4 kN - this exceeds twice of what is required of BS7950.

The locks have also been endurance tested to 40,000 operations and been salt sprayed tested for 500 hours by the BAA passing all tests with flying colours. We can confidently say, without a shadow of doubt, that our locking mechanisms are top in the industry.


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